About the Game...

Dungeon Cards - The Catacombs is a game of chance and exploration for 2-6 players aged 8+ where the turn of a card could bring you forture or failure!

The mechanics of Dungeon Cards are similar to Black Jack, 21 and other ‘push your luck’ card games where players can choose to take a card knowing they might ‘go bust’ or ‘stick’ where they are and remain safe. The complete current rules are available to download here or from the downloads page.

Rules Overview...

Each player takes the role of an Adventurer exploring the catacombs in search of treasure. Each Adventurer has an Action Limit which can be thought of as their own personal ‘go bust’ number.
A deck of custom playing cards represents the journey into the catacombs. In the deck, players will encounter Treasures, Traps, Monsters and Items, as well as general Explore cards.
Each card has an Action number printed on it. Action numbers are added up as cards are taken from the deck and as long as they are less or equal to the Adventurer’s Action Limit then that player is still able to decide to take another card or not.
A player may decide not to take another card and claim all the Treasure and Items they have found in their turn. Play then passes to the next player.
If a player takes a card from the deck and the additional Action pushes them over their Action Limit then their turn is over, they lose everything they have discovered this turn... So, it is vital to know when to push your luck and when to quit!

There are plenty of Monsters to be fought and Traps to be evaded in Dungeon Cards. Fights and evasions are handled quickly and simply by rolling bespoke six-sided dice. Item cards can be found which provide bonuses to battles and evasions.

A four player games takes about 30 minutes to complete making it a nice way to end an evening's gaming or to play if you only have limited time.


Game Setup

Game Play


Dungeon Cards - The Catacombs is now available to buy via The Game Crafter website. Please see the In The Box tab for a look at the game.

Here's what the early prototype version looked like:

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