Dungeon Cards - The Catacombs produced by The Game Crafter

I have just got my first copy of Dungeon Cards manufactured by The Game Crafter (www.thegamecrafter.com). Here is a rundown of what you get in the box and my thoughts on the quality of the components. Please click on the images for larger versions.

The Box

The game comes in the 'Medium Pro' Game Crafter box which measures 22x13x4cm. It is constructed from fairly thin but solid cardboard. Both top and bottom are covered in a sticky-backed printed wrap with a smooth finish. The print quality on the box is a little bit grainy and the colour is slightly green heavy compared to the original image but over all I am quite pleased with how it came out.

Note: I ordered four more copies and the box art was less green heavy on the cover print and much closer to my original images.

There were a couple of scuffs on the box near the corners. This could well have happened when the box was opened and inspected by customs.

Note: The second batch of games I ordered all came shrink wrapped and consequently had no scuffs.

The Contents

The game contents come neatly packed. Originally there was some packing paper filling the empty space so nothing could move during shipping.
The game contains:

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 84 poker sized Dungeon Cards
  • 10 large Profile Cards
  • 6 white blank dice
  • 36 dice stickers
  • 1 pad Player Score Sheets
  • 1 turn marker gem

    The cards, dice, gem and stickers are packed in small grip seal bags. The rulebook and score pad are packed loose in the box.

    The Dungeon Cards

    The playing cards are thin smooth plastic and they shuffle very nicely. They are cleanly cut and well aligned (from what I'd read on forums, this isn't always the case with The Game Crafter). The print quality again is a bit grainy and slightly green biased, but still very nice to play with.

    The Profile Cards

    The player profile, Dungeon Boss and Game Round Tracker cards are all 'jumbo' sized playing cards which are the size of two poker cards placed next to each other. They are made of exactly the same smooth-finish plastic. I think they've come out great.

    The Dice and Stickers

    The dice are simple white 20mm indented dice. The stickers come on 3 sheets the same size as a poker card. I haven't tried sticking the stickers on yet. Having to affix the stickers before you play is a bit of a pain, but so much cheaper than having screen-printed dice made up. I had a minimum print run of screen-printed dice made up for my first prototype and they worked out at over three pounds each. These six plain dice and the set of stickers works out less than a single screen printed die.

    Score Pads

    The Player Score sheets are printed double sided on slightly glossy paper. The pad measures 9x14cm and is fixed by staples to a thin card back. I'm surprised that the paper has a slight gloss feel to it. I'm not sure how well a pencil will mark it or if the marks will be erasable so the pages can be re-used. The score sheet is available to download and print out from this site or the Dungeon Cards page on The Game Crafter site for free.

    The Rule Book

    The rulebook is sized to perfectly fit the box. It is printed edge to edge on slightly glossy thin paper and fixed with two staples. The paper isn't the best I've ever seen ... something a bit heavier would have been nice, but the print quality is excellent. Very sharp and actually the closest colour match to my original images in the whole project (which makes me wonder why the box wrap and cards couldn't have been closer to my image colours, a different process maybe?). Anyway, I'm very happy with how the book turned out.

    Ordering and Shipping from The Game Crafter

    Ordering from The Game Crafter was very straightforward. Add the game to your basket, check out and then you're added to a queue. You get an estimate of when your copy will be manufactured and shipped, but you can log in and see your position in the queue at any time. I placed my order on the 2nd March and it was dispatched on the 10th which I thought was pretty speedy.

    Dungeon Cards is for sale at 39.99 USD (around 27 GBP) which includes a 4 USD profit per game (which gets split between me and TGC). Shipping from the states cost 50 USD (33.46 GBP) in total (45 USD to USPS + 1 USD handling fee + 4 USD shipping insurance). The parcel left The Game Crafter on the 11th and touched down in London on the 15th. It then took 5 days to get though customs, finally being released to the Post Office on the 21st. But because I had customs duty to pay I had to wait for the bill from Parcel Force which did not arrive until the 24th. Customs duty and handling fee was 16.60 GBP and once that was paid the game was finally delivered to me on the 25th. At a total cost of nearly 80 GBP! Paying over 50 GBP in shipping and taxes for a 27 GBP game is crazy.

    So if you are ordering outside of the USA then be prepared to pay way, way more than the game is worth to get your hands on a copy. Honestly, I don't think it's worth it.

    Thanks for reading. If you are still interested, click here to buy!

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