The Trials is a free print and play demo version of Dungeon Cards featuring two new Apprentice characters desperate to get down and dirty in the darkest dungeons they can find!

The Trials has been designed as a two player demo and introduction to the Dungeon Cards game using the core mechanics in a cut down dungeon with limited enemies. The cards have been resized from poker size down to business card dimensions so they can be easily printed on perforated business card sheets that are available from most office supply stores.

Due to the nature of the demo format, some gameplay options have been removed from the game but I believe there is enough there to decide if the full game is for you or not.

The Trials Await..!

Game Components

PDF Rule Book
30 Dungeon Cards
2 Adventurer Profile Cards
1 Game Round Tracker Card
Player Score Sheets

You Will Need

A Printer
Business Cards x 50 (5 x 10 Perforated Sheets)
A Pencil
A Small Token (to mark the game rounds)

The full version of Dungeon Cards uses custom printed six sided dice for Fighting and Evading monsters. The Trials uses cards instead of dice for generating random Fight and Evade rolls. You can also use standard D6 if you prefer. The rules for using cards or dice are in the included PDF rulebook.

Download for Free

Please download for your personal use.
V1 has the cards set up on a 2x5 Business Card tempate (WHSmith Business Cards), V2 has all of the cards as seperate images.

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